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There IS no ‘I’ in team:

On the surface it may seem that Mindfulness Skills4Life is just me and yes it’s true that I am, at present, the principle trainer. But there is a very, VERY important team of people who are equally involved in my personal growth and that of the company. Without them, their unswerving support, belief and motivation we wouldn’t be where we are in this moment.

Meet the team:

Andrew Gill

So a HUGE shout out goes to my lovely partner. The word thank you is not nearly, ever enough. Andy’s been a ‘single parent' whilst I have been away on training weekends & retreat weeks (over the last 18 months). He’s been the cook, cleaner and bottler washer, awesome dad and in his ‘spare time’ he’s researched how to create and build a website. THIS WEBSITE - with all the fancy bits and bobs that you see i.e. films, photos, audio downloads and member site. He’s also supported me through thick and thin, the secure times and the less certain. He’s a great dad, a great man and my greatest friend.

Lisa RothwellSue Ballard

Lisa R and Sue B The two ‘best-est’ best girlfriends anyone could want. These lovely ladies have been in my life for the last 15 years and here’s hoping for another 15 or so more. They’ve welcomed me in to their lives as if I was part of their own families. We laughed together, talked (LOTS) together, walked together, played squash together, sipped and scoffed lovely food and drink together and shared some really fun and special times. We have also experienced some really hard, sad and unpredictable times - but we didn’t (and aren’t) facing them alone. Sue and Lisa are also involved directly in company work as Lisa prepared all of the electronic and hard copy manuals that each client receives and Sue first introduced me in her very gentle and supportive way to mindfulness in 2001. With love to Lisa and Sue xx.

Elaine Henderson

Elaine is an especially gifted mindfulness teacher and generous lady. Elaine and I first met in 2009, when I first moved to The Borders from Berkshire. She welcomed me, without question or reserve, under her wing when I asked if there was room for an ‘apprentice’ in her team at Live Mindfully Ltd, in 2015. She nurtured and mentored me whilst I co-facilitated alongside her and then she gave me one of the greatest gifts I will ever have – the opportunity of teaching my first mindfulness classes for her company and on her behalf. That says something about the kind of person Elaine is. The teaching that I offer now is enriched by her personal touch and her many years of experience.

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