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De-stressed and calm mini retreat

Completely De-stressed and Creatively Calm Mini Retreat

Be immersed in an evening of tranquillity during our mini retreat that includes a mind soothing, mood boosting menu of mindfulness – breathwork - nature - creativity, guided by expert teacher: Dr Sands, Mindfulness Skills4Life

When: 6.00 – 9.30pm

Dates: Wednesday 24th August 2022

Where: Purusha Retreats, Wellingore, LN5 0DW

Cost: £50 when booked individually, or £90 for two booking together.

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Using nature's ingredients
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Some of our delightful clay tools
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Bathe in tranquillity
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Feeling calm and grounded
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Friendly atmosphere guaranteed
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Time to pause and watch the view
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Reflecting peacefully at the tea hut
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Growing in confidence and creativity
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Enjoy a selection of teas and coffee
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Joyfully focussed, peacefully present
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Bringing earth's tools together
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Happily creating beautiful gifts
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You can create your own joy
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Kind and expert guidance
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Tenderly holding precious gifts
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Everyone can work with clay
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This smile says it all
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Come and join us, with love

Dr Sands says:

” Life is so fast and full, changing and can be challenging! There is so much to do, deal with and juggle. If it’s not work, it’s home jobs. If it’s not home jobs it can be care giving responsibilities. This cycle is so easily repeated and can feel never ending. It’s not surprising that often that we’ve have lost a sense of ourselves, feel frequently uptight, have lost sight of what peacefulness truly feels like and what brings us joy. If you have felt like this, believe me you are not alone “.

Good news! You can change this and we can support healthy steps in a helpful direction.

Embraced in the most tranquil of settings, our intentions for these precious 3.5 hours together is about creating meaning connections, for you to re-centre and be more grounded and to learn new, practical and ways expand and enhance your wellbeing, such as mindful creativity, being in nature and breath work.

We want you to experience, just as many other before, the precious gift of time, presence playfulness and peacefulness.

Here’s how your restorative, self-care evening will unfold:

  • After a kind welcome, we will effortlessly meander through the woods, bathe under nature’s canopy and experience gentle breath work to settle our minds and bodies – releasing the tension that can so readily build up in our day to day lives

  • From this place of grounded calm, we will mindfully walk, exploring and harvesting ‘ingredients’ from nature: stress melting lavender, gorgeous veined leaves, grasses and seed heads for example.

  • We will take these ‘nature tools’ into the light and spacious indoor dome, and get our hands a little dirty as we play with clay.

  • We will gently massage the clay to soften (receiving a little hand massage at the same time) before slowly shaping and rolling our clay.

  • Under my gentle guidance and kind encouragement, you will be completely immersed and deeply relaxed as you spend time pressing and printing our nature tools and other impression tools into the soft clay.

  • We will share ideas with others and explore making make our own bespoke floral clay prints as decorative pieces or wall art. Or we can make delightfully curled clay leaves that we can use to hold precious things. We will make treasures for ourselves or as gifts for others.

  • We will gather by the lakeside, taking a moment under the evening sun to pause and mindfully reflect on what the gift of time, space and selfcare feels like. We will celebrate and savour the goodness of feeling relaxed, peacefully energised and restored.

  • We will end our evening by taking with us an intention of how we can keep us this practice of self-care in our real lives, so that we are more equipped to create calm in our mind and bodies when we need it the most.

What else is included in your investment?

  • All creative materials and 2 hours of guided clay work

  • Guided forest bathing and breath work

  • A delightful selection of loose-leaf teas and coffee

  • Small snacks to nurture and nourish

Additional gifts from us to sustain your wellbeing:

  • Free guided audio – Breath like the wind – soothing rhythm breathing (10 mins)

  • A short 5-7 mins video clip: Pressing pause – being here now

  • A bespoke, hand made card: for you to define and remind you of your wellbeing intentions

This retreat is suitable for beginners, no special skills are needed, and all are welcome.

Retreat details

Cost: £50 pp or bring a friend for £90 for you both (when booking two people in a single booking)

Limited spaces Book early to avoid disappointment

Date & Time: Wednesday 24th August 6 pm – 9.30pm

Please note all classes are non-refundable


De-stressed and calm retreat August 2022

24-08-2022 6:00 pm -9:30 pm

£50.00 2

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