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Announcing, in partnership with Romancing the Ordinary


Choose from: 6th-8th May 2022 (two nights) or 29th - 31st July 2022 (two nights)

Read on for more information, and to secure your place or for other enquiries please send an email to Sandra at Mindfulness Skills4Life or to Helen at Romancing the Ordinary.

Wellbeing retreats in Lincolnshire, UK


Hosted again by Helen Bell BSc and Dr Sandra McCutcheon, expertly facilitated by other specially-invited guests, the focus of our retreats is to empower you with the knowledge and techniques that will help you to revitalise your bodily and mental resilience.

Discover how to make positive changes around how you wish to live your life. Feel cared for, nurtured and nourished as our dedicated team of professionals takes you on a journey of learning health enhancing practices and techniques that will empower you to live a healthier and happier life.

This is a wonderfully relaxing retreat but also an adventure into nature and self exploration and how to nurture your own resilience. For example, you will be lighting and maintaining your own fire which harkens back to an earlier way of life when we were more deeply connected with our environment although you will be sleeping in a super king size snuggly bed. Your private luxurious hot tub is heated by sustainably sourced logs - you’ll be responsible for lighting and caring for it - although we will provide the champagne.

This special experience takes place at a brand new, purpose designed retreat centre based in Lincolnshire where luxury meets eco and time stands still. The location is easily accessible from main routes both north and south.

And so .... we shall be waiting patiently to welcome you into the forest where you will find "silence" of the mind in this age of noise.

OUR PROGRAMME is a beautiful blend of movement, creative, energising, nutritional and soothing sessions

Going with the flow: movement sessions

Natured-inspired yoga with Jenni Herbert as she shares the secrets of strength, balance and flexibility and explains how yoga can help you with sleep disturbance as well as general health and wellbeing. Suitable for men and women, beginners and experienced yogis.

Enjoy moving meditations centred on deep breathing techniques and co-ordinated graceful “martial arts influenced” movement set to beautiful music. Qigong teacher, Helen Bell BSc and registered with the Shiatsu College, will teach you a perfect way to relax the mind and body as well as achieve flexibility and balance. These are exercises that you can take home with you to do anyplace, anytime, anywhere to feel calm, balanced and glide through life like a piece of silk!

Creating calm, connection and contentment

‘reCLAYm’ your calm as you get your hands happily messy in our nature-inspired clay workshop. You will be completely immersed as you mindfully mould, shape and create a bespoke and beautiful clay piece supported by the expert guidance of Dr McCutcheon. Using our hands and being creative (in many forms) is known for its therapeutic effects in helping to relieve stress and anxiety as well as promoting improved mood states such as joy, relaxation and self-confidence. You will be thrilled and surprised at what you will create.

Wood carving brings calm and focus. Discover for yourself the therapeutic benefits of whittling a piece of wood whilst enjoying the warmth and glow of sitting around the firepit. There is something distinctly satisfying about peeling the bark from a branch, watching thin ribbons of wood spool away from the edge of a knife to drift and settle in a pile at your feet. It’s tactile harmony, a meshing of body and mind that also results in a producing a beautiful personal piece that you will treasure.

Trust your gut: nutrition wellness

Masterclass followed by informal discussion with expert Jenni Herbert on ‘taking a naturopathic approach to managing stress and anxiety’, including a brief consideration of holistic nutrition. Jenni will share ‘life hacks’ that will enable you to become more resilient and conserve energy.

Nut milks which are a tasty alternative to diary milk, are highly nutritious, low in calories and don’t raise blood sugar. Being dairy free, they may also help to reduce the risk of heart disease and so are great for those who cannot or who chose not to, drink cow’s milk. Helen Bell BSc is passionate about making her own nut milks and in this masterclass will show you how you can easily make them at home. Helen will also share with you what to look out for when buying manufactured nut milks as well as sharing some of her favourite recipes for you to take home with you.

Savouring and soothing our souls

Enjoy a guided relaxation and readying for sleep session with Dr Sandra McCutcheon (supported by music) – wind down and learn how to sleep deeply and naturally so that you wake up feeling refreshed and raring to go!

Sound journeys or ‘sound baths’ as they are more popularly known, are a powerful meditative experience where those in attendance can indulge the mind, body and soul as one lies back into a deeply relaxed state in a safe space, to bathe in the peaceful, ethereal waves of sound: to breathe, to listen, to feel, to heal … allowing yourself to journey into a state of bliss and beyond.

Join the sublime and talented Iza Moon as she takes you on a gentle introductory musical sound journey experience. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the ethereal and healing sounds that she plays on her dynamic array of instruments that accompany the soothing harmonics of her soulful voice. The tangible sound vibrations and frequencies can be felt right through the body and can assist greatly in releasing physical, mental and emotional stresses and tension as well as soothing the nerves and promoting a wonderful sense of peace, love and well-being. A beautiful experience.

Connect deeply with the soothing power of nature as you discover and experience for yourself, the pleasures of the Japanese practice of forest bathing or ‘shinrin-yoko’ as they call it in Japan. Learn with Dr Sandra McCutcheon how this simple activity can improve your health, naturally steady and soothe the minds attention, lower your heart rate and reduce blood pressure and symptoms of stress.

Join together in a simple and subtle gathering, lighting and releasing candles on the tranquil night-time lake, savouring a mindful moment to send a kind wish or perhaps sharing a happy memory into the world (with Dr Sandra McCutcheon and Helen Bell).

Masterclass: with Dr Sandra McCutcheon - breathworks talk and experiential exercises – learn how to notice your own breathing patterns and understand how they relate to different well-being states. More so, we will learn how our amazing breath can be used to self-sooth and cool down a busy mind and body, one single breath at a time!

Optional Bookable activities: There will also be some limited opportunities to book a half hour body work session with Jenni Herbert in the comfort of your own accommodation dome. Depending on the individual’s needs and wants this may for example be an essential oil massage, a clothed shiatsu type massage or reiki and chakra work. Please note that these must be booked ahead of your retreat and bookings will be on a first come, first served basis.

Optional free time activities include: relaxing in your own private wood-fired freshwater eco hot tub; go nature based mindful walking in the peaceful and tranquil woodlands (the treasure of pleasure); take a moment in time to gaze out over the tranquil lake whilst observing the delicate dance of the dragon flies as you enjoy a cup of Purusha blended tea; watching the clouds whilst lying on your back in a wild flower meadow; creating a beautiful nature inspired mandala or observing the twinkly stars at night as you lie in your luxurious king size bed, or just simply “being” and romance the ordinary!

Everything is of course optional, simply dip in and dip out as you please!

Please note that our program is subject to change and/or substitution if due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

What's Included:

Luxury sleeping accommodation in your own private geodesic dome in your own private space in the woods, where you can listen to the sounds of nature and observe the stars at night through the transparent roof. Options include a snuggly super king size bed or two twin beds with organic, vegan and completely chemical free mattress and pillows.

Your own private, hand built, wooden shower room where you can indulge in a range of complimentary natural soaps and shampoos before drying yourself off on a soft and fluffy organic towel and then wrapping up in a beautiful dressing gown – ready to relax.

Your own private, two person, wooden, wood-fired freshwater eco hot-tub – a totally unique and wonderful experience.

Private luxury eco designed, compost toilet.

Your own private wood burning stove to keep you warm on cooler evenings.

Six beautifully presented, nature inspired, vegetarian meals, prepared lovingly by our personal on site chef and nutritionist Holly Nelstrop.

A quintessentially English afternoon tea served by the lake on the Sunday afternoon.

Unlimited fresh and loose leaf teas and coffees with energy efficient making facilities.

Use of sunset yoga/exercise Dais (raised platform overlooking beautiful open countryside), woodland soundscape circle (an acoustically special area suitable for meditation reflection).

Use of the Kula Dome and absolutely luxurious yoga/exercise equipment and mats for private practice during free time.

Unlimited access to the tea hut that sits on the edge of a beautiful lake , a lovely little nook to connect after class or take time to pause during free time.

All classes and experiences as described, fully guided by our hand picked team of experts who are passionate, caring and rather special people.

You really don’t need to bring anything with you except an open mind and heart. This retreat will change your life and we are waiting here to welcome you!

Single guest: non residential option: £375.

Single guest shared dome (share with another single guest, twin room): £695.

Couple: two guests sharing a dome (twin or double room): £1,295.

Sole guest sole occupancy (double room): £1,250.

For more information and to secure your place, please send an email to Sandra at Mindfulness Skills4Life or to Helen at Romancing the Ordinary.

What do previous guest say?

  • "Thank you so much for a brilliant weekend retreat. I have learnt so much about myself and my needs. I have learnt how to give myself “permission” and made good friends for life."

  • "Your passion for your work oozed out."

  • "Thank you for a wonderful weekend retreat. I now have an extended family and memories to love and treasure."

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The geodesic domes viewed across the lake at our mindfulness retreat in Lincolnshire, UK

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