Which course should I choose?

Our range of evidenced-based, experiential learning courses are engaging, insightful and, for many, transformative. Our portfolio of group classes, which are kept deliberately small and intimate, includes:


We also have a range of bespoke solutions for parents and work with schools and businesses to improve teaching practices and working relationships, which are outlined below


But how do I know which course is right for me?


Attending a free, introductory session or coming along to one of our regular drop-in sessions would be an excellent place to start. These sessions are for complete beginners and experienced practitioners alike, but, in the meantime, you may also wish to consider the following questions:

Do you mentally replay events that have already happened?

Do you worry about situations that have not yet happened?

Are you distracted during work or more pleasurable activities?

Do these scenarios produce difficult thoughts or emotions?


We recommend either our acclaimed Mindfulness Short Course or the highly popular Mindfulness Based Living Course. Both courses are practical in their approach and help you to be more present and engaged in daily life, to navigate life's challenges more skilfully and to savour good times more fully.

Is relaxation and calm space important to you?

Do you like to learn new skills in a safe environment?

Faced with ‘personal failing’, do you feel isolated and alone?

Do over feel overwhelmed with emotions such as guilt, shame?


Why not join one of our highly popular "Creating Calm" sessions. There are 3 to choose from including our hands-on creative sessions: the Mindful Clay Cafe, Zentangling for Relaxation or our Regular mindfulness Practice Sessions. These positively-reviewed group sessions are suitable for beginners or those with a little more experience alike.



Our specialist training and bespoke coaching extends from our youngest little ones in school to parents at home & to those in the corporate platform – there are benefits for all as detailed in the following links or simply contact us for more details: (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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