Dear friends, let us welcome, explore and connect with Autumn.

Glorious colours of autumn leavesI hope you are well as we move into this new season of Autumn? I find myself in awe of the magical ways that mother nature is inviting my senses to come alive: seeing the myriad of colours of trees (even along these busier roads that I am driving), their sounds as we swish and swoop them into the air, feeling and experiencing the body being energised, the joy and fun it brings as we play as a family pelting each other with piles of fallen leaves, savouring a hot chocolate when at home after a chilly outdoor play! Hooray for autumn and being outdoors. Maybe your personal mindfulness practice is being cultivated too by connecting more with the senses and the body in everyday life? It would be great to hear your experiences of an autumn day and any little mindful moments contained within, why not drop me an email?

Two, top tips for your daily mindfulness practice:

Form intentions

Energy flows where attention goesDid you know, that we can spend almost half our time functioning on autopilot, that mode when the body is doing one thing and the mind doing another (or several other things)? Hmmm, how do we stay focused and follow a particular direction of travel as we go through the day? We can form INTENTIONS, as a way for us to place the mind. I usually try to form my intention shortly after waking, taking a little pause before I get up and start my day, and reflect on what values are meaningful to me i.e. speaking slowly, taking turns to listen to my kids needs before speaking from a parental perspective, maybe what attitudes I need to support me having a busy-office based day (awareness of body and the intention to take more breaks or move every hour as examples). I often form a general intention to cultivate paying attention, being mindful and kindness for the day that lies ahead.

Other examples could be to pay more attention to a daily task, connecting more with my senses as I am driving or do one thing at a time, or connecting with people non-judgmentally! Why not see how you go with forming intentions, curious about how they unfold in daily life. Oh, remember that we may have to check-in with our intention, with gentleness and kindness, throughout the course of the day too, to ensure that the body and mind’s direction of travel is supported well.

Get outdoors for 10-15 minutes every day, walk slowly, connect with all of the senses and practice body awareness.

Often the mind is a busy place, thoughts popping up and us engaging with them and beginning a thinking journey that can take us to the past or the future. So, when we notice the mind at work, sometimes it takes a while to even notice that we have been caught up in thinking, we can choose to shift the focus of our attention elsewhere. The body only exists in the present moment, so we can come home to it when we need to feel a little more grounded and a little less ‘heady’. We can also use this as an opportunity to shift into being mode: where we more fully connected to the present moment through the senses and the body.

**Check out our FB video** In ‘take 10 and get outdoors’ I am showing that you don’t need to have a destination in mind for mindful waking. In fact, you will see that I am not really going anywhere, but rather walking for walkings sake. I find movement practices really useful when I have been working at the home office, doing admin and have been sitting for a while. The intention to give the “brain a break & body an awake!”

Connecting with others – would you be willing to offer some time and support?

Review us on GoogleOne of our aspirations is to share and build little pockets of mindfulness in the community in which I live and work, simply one person at a time. The is underpinned by a personal motivation that being mindful can support may of us to live our lives more peacefully and with more appreciation, connection and meaning. Can you imagine the places where we live, filled with people deeply connected to each other, built on ‘KINDFULNESS’ and where compassion flourished? What would that feel like??? Given that I only one person, I am calling on those that I have had the immense privilege to have shared mindfulness with to be a shared voice for ‘work’ that I offer.

Perhaps you could share:


· what new skills or attitudes did you learn?

· how did it feel working together, what was the facilitation style like?

· what course did you experience, what did you enjoy about it?

·  what difference has it made for you, what meaning did the course have?

I would be delighted if you could spare some time to share on Google and Facebook, your perspectives on learning mindfulness and or mindful self-compassion with us was like?

Thanks for reading. Go well this Autumn time, kindly and with curiosity as you grow your own Mindfulness Skills4Life.


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