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Mindful thoughts...

Breath Practice

Free Breath Practice for you to try - coming soon

Mindful parenting? Boy oh boy...

Parenting is tough. Parenting with mindful awareness is just as tough.

Just because we practice mindful awareness and exercise in compassion for self and others and have written a mini thesis on mindful parenting doesn’t mean that we are perfect parents, that our children are perfect or that life is bliss.

Reflection: The mind and me

I came across this image the other day when looking for a specific quote and it really found a way to the inside of me

Mindfulness in daily life: get colouring.....

I remember as a child, being very excited by a gift of new crayons, paints, pencils or fine point felt tip pens. The care taken to unwrap them from their package, to look at their newness.

You see but do you notice?

Your eyes do lots of looking, all the time - at least when they are open. But what do you actually see?

Every moment brings a choice


If things feel just a little out of kilter or if you are in the thick of the melting pot, then we can use the breath skilfully - to be better with the stress or discomfort in that moment.

Here's how, in three steps:...

Practicing with a goodnight cuddle

I've just tucked my biggest 'little man' to bed and what a wee gift it was too.