Mindfulness in daily life: get colouring.....

I remember as a child, being very excited by a gift of new crayons, paints, pencils or fine point felt tip pens. The care taken to unwrap them from their package, to look at their newness.

The eagerness to try them out. Fixated for what seemed like an age of filling in the spaces between the black borders, as carefully as I could, creating vibrancy, aliveness to whatever picture was in front of me.

Paying attention to nothing else but the picture before me, deliberate effort, mind on the job in hand and nothing else. That’s mindfulness in action and indeed forms a daily life practice. Young children, as I was at that time, can be very mindful, existing in a stream of consciousness, with single-focused attention.

It seems as adults we are turning towards an essence of childhood in order to access inner quiet and calm and reduce stress. By colouring in, we can introduce a momentary pause in the busy-ness of life, be entirely in the present moment, the thinking mind focused on the job and not entertained and/or distracted by issues of the past or projections of the future……

….and you have your own personal masterpiece at the end of it.

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