Breathe better: learning how your breath does more than keep you alive

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Hi there friends, it is great to be sharing this post with you as we approach late September. I really love this time of year. I briefly wanted to consider the benefits to our well-being of focusing on the BREATH. Breathing, you must agree, is an important part of our body and biology, and amazingly it happens without us having to do anything – our body automatically breathes for us!

But did you know...?

The rate, ‘texture’ and depth of breathing changes all the time! It is dependent on what we are doing AND critically, how we are FEELING. For example, sometimes we feel the breath most strongly in the chest perhaps, when exercising or feel under strain. It may be fast! Whereas sometimes we feel the breath more strongly in the belly. It may feel slower and we may be calmer, more settled and relaxed. The GOOD news is we can learn to breath in ways that help us to self-sooth and settle our minds. This is achieved through ‘breath practice’ (sometimes called mindful breathing). It is a widely used tool in mindfulness and meditation and underwritten by a strong clinical and scientific evidence base.

The average person takes about 17,000 breaths per day!

This is roughly equal to inhaling 13 points of air every minute!

The BENEFITS of regular breath practice.

Research shows that the way we breath (our breathing pattern) can influence the type of emotion we experience. The benefits of regular breath practice have been shown to include:

  • Decreases physical stress in the body and increases calm;

  • Relieves symptoms associated with chronic pain;

  • Supports anxiety management;

  • Can help manage depression;

  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate and,

  • Helps support correct posture.

Can you see our AMAZING breath is a helpful ally in assisting our body and managing our mood and mind state?

Why not try some ‘breath practice’ for yourself?

Breathing Practice

When will you take a mindful pause and breathe a little better?

It is widely believed that breath-based-techniques are a significant way to deal with mental, emotional and physical difficulties alike, and help re-charge the body and settle the mind. Question is, when will you press pause to take advantage of one of your 17,000 daily breaths?

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