The benefits of grown up, serious play!

Speaking personally: I was in the exhaustion funnel. In my past career, at one point I worked 8-12 hour days, slogged at weekends too. I was a serious career professional and fell into an ‘addiction’ of work, believing that work was the single most important thing, that it could not exist or at least stay afloat without me working so intensely.

There was so much to do and my standards were high. But my ‘do list’ always grew. Even when I completed something, the list never got smaller…does any of this sound familiar? I rarely rested, I became cranky with colleagues and my partner, my sleep was erratic and the focus on my social life, things I enjoyed, and exercise was narrowing.

I was crumbling under the strain and close to burnout, entering into the EXHAUSTION FUNNEL! This is a state where as life gets busier or more challenging we tend to give up the things that are important to us, that add meaning, lightness and joy to our lives. We focus on work and on achieving in that domain.

Ditch and Switch: It is common in our modern day lives, that when we do ‘carve’ out time of work it can often involve being connected to a screen or device, zoning out a little to TV or rightly reaching to feel that sense of connection to friends and family online.

CHOOSING TIME TO PLAY, however, is far more than just resting and relaxing – it operates at more fundamental level. It arms us with resilience against the many challenges of life – and let’s face it, right now we all face some of the biggest challenges of our lives.

I wonder what our home and online space would FEEL like if it included some serious play to lighten our mental and emotional burdens, to bring balance and to connect with laughter, fun and humour ?

Why not try some of the following ideas to bring some serious play and lightness into your life.

  • Many of these will work online with your friends and family and can be incorporated into life relatively easily.

  • However, if you are struggling to create time for play, why not try the exercise outlined on the pdf by clicking this link here first.

If you want to access one of Mindfulness Skills4Life Life’s Zentangle drawing outlines and practice a touch of doodling – colour or draw - there are two templates to choose from: a flower or a leaf

Download this template as JPG | PNG | PDF

Download this template as JPG | PNG | PDF

Managing tough times a little better: In these tricky times when we cannot control many of our external circumstances, some of our ‘better’ and most successful work must therefore come from inside. Since making time for play-filled rest, I notice that I am happier, more humourful and feel more able to deal with wobbles that come my way.

Right on, I am away for the Lego with my kids

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