‘N’ is for ‘Noticing and Nuturing Happiness’ in November

Really? Happiness is on the agenda during the long hours of work, a world that may feel like it is in a flat spin and we are powerless to change things? Well, yes in these very tricky times I think it even more important that we seek out moments that have felt good and opportunities of happiness, and one of the best ways to do so is to touch in with a little gratitude.

Gratitude is something I probably first discovered, by accident, as a young child. I came from a financially ‘insecure’ home. Mum worked 3 jobs and dad did night shift. They left school with no formal qualifications and had 4 of us to clothe and feed. We rarely had anything new but my parents’ life was made more manageable from donations that came in many shapes and forms. We lived basically, times were hard but somehow all muddled through and were THANKFUL & APPRECIATIVE for what we had or were gifted and, interestingly, we longed for little for seemingly it was enough.

Brilliant research looking inside our heads, has shown that regularly taking time touch base with feelings of gratitude can change the shape of our brain! WOWEE – isn’t this amazing! But there is more…THOSE BIG BRAIN CHANGES can help us feel better and much more….

NOW you are aware (mindful of) the many benefits of connecting with gratitude, how do we go about it in our every day lives? Why not try some of the ideas in the following infographic?

In these tricky times when we cannot control our external circumstances, some of our ‘better’ and most successful work must therefore come from inside…Maybe that is where the phrase ‘happiness is an inside job’ comes from?

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