Creating space in the midst of our busy lives

WOW, aren’t our days bsy ?

There are SO many jobs to do, the daily juggle of balancing home life & work, work & parenting, parenting & being an individual. Perhaps our evenings feel like an extension of our working days & are spent playing catch up: more email, more laundry or tidying and more organising. I am sure the list could go on. This was my life at one point…. and that point was taking me towards the ‘exhaustion funnel’. This is a place where we give up more and more of the activities that bring us joy, happiness, fullness and fun in our lives. We do this because we ‘think’ we NEED MORE TIME to get all our jobs done. So, if we wanted to take up something new or invest in activities that promote our emotional or mental health how can we magic up more time?

CREATING TIME: it is in your hands

I am sharing a fantastic exercise, which has been tried and tested by all of my clients, with amazing insights and inspirations. Have a look at the INFOGRAPHIC ‘Designing time for me’, which can be downloaded as a pdf by clicking here. Print it out and then use it as a guide to list everything you do in a day or evening and then mark either ‘N’ or ‘D’ beside them, for those that ‘nourish’ or ‘deplete’ you. This exercise is not intended to cause shock, though you may be surprised at where your times goes and how it is spent!

WHY do this exercise?

What we do with our time has a significant impact on how we feel, our thoughts and our body tone. Similarly, when we become aware of how we are feeling we can make better choices in how we use our time, what jobs we undertake and which we may postpone for a different time.

Review your findings and ask yourself:

  • Am I choosing to do this or am I doing this by default ?

  • What would I LIKE to do at this moment ?

  • Is this making me happy or content right now?

  • Does this need to be done at this moment ?

Creating pockets of time does not mean creating hours and hours for ourselves, this may be unrealistic. What we are doing here is making conscious choices that support our well-being. Why not make a list of the things that you love doing, things that really make you feel happy, light or good? See if you can create 5, 10 or 15 minutes a day for that one thing. Notice how it makes you feel?

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