Feast on some mindful pampering this Christmas

Hello everyone and welcome to your alternative advent calendar, which offers a daily dose, a little series of festive invitations to unwrap, explore, discover and share with friends, colleagues and even people you may not know (yet!). We are offering here small opportunities to think differently, connect more deeply with yourself and other and give yourself space and time to cultivate calm amid one of THE busiest times of the year. In our house we contend with a Christmas day birthday- my eldest. We know the ‘full-on-ness’ of it all on top of the absence of loved ones and the sense of ‘getting it right’, family dynamics and the juggle of finances: #reallife

There is no expectation for you to do any of these, but by bringing a little awareness, attention and action may be the first step in making helpful change happen. Baby steps, bigger leaps and then boundless advancing are the ways in which we approach changes to support our own lifestyle, well-being and connection with others and our world.

We are offering some FREE mindfulness / meditation experiences to support you this advent (the rows coloured yellow). To access these simply click the link here

Wishing one and all some peaceful, easy, connected and happy moments from time to time over this next month. See you in 2022 and thanks for your support his year!


1 Wednesday Encourage kindness in others by sharing this calendar
2 Thursday Pay it forward: leave extra to offer someone a FREE coffee
3 Friday Give out 5 compliments to either friends or colleagues
4 Saturday Support independent producers – shop local
5 Sunday Turn of the tech –be more connected to those around you
6 Monday Enjoy a coffee break away from your office desk without scrolling
7 Tuesday Swap TV or screen time for a creative hobby or activity
8 Wednesday Try out a simple mindful breathing exercise
9 Thursday Swap one regular household item for some a little greener
10 Friday Write a list of what you have accomplished this week
11 Saturday Try a little simple at home baking – share your ‘makes’
12 Sunday Take some supplies to a local animal shelter
13 Monday Go for a short walk outside after lunch, notice something new in your environment
14 Tuesday Try the self-compassion break for tricky moments
15 Wednesday See how many people you can give a smile to today – how does this feel ?
16 Thursday Write an email to the staff at a local care home, acknowledging the work they do
17 Friday Leave a ‘happy note’ for someone to find
18 Saturday Call a relative you’ve not spoken to in a while for a chat
19 Sunday Tune into a sleep story before bedtime
20 Monday Swap TV or screens for listening to your fave tunes
21 Tuesday Foster freedom by avoid saying ‘I should’ for today!
22 Wednesday Practice gratitude: make a list of kind things people have done for you
23 Thursday Listen to a sleep exercise before bed
24 Friday Listen deeply to friends and colleagues without judging them
25 Saturday SLOW it all down: savour people, moments and food
26 Sunday Enjoy a walk outdoors, spotting colours and sounds
27 Monday Plan a NO PLANS Day as an act of self-kindness
28 Tuesday Can you think of a way to practically support a homeless charity
29 Wednesday Explore Mindfulness & meditation for wellbeing sessions in your area
30 Thursday Tell someone how meaningful their gift to you was
31 Friday Plan your 2022 kindness campaign – which includes you too!

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