Mindfulness-Based Living Course

Do you spend time over-thinking / replaying events that have already happened?

Do you worry and get anxious about events and situations that have not yet happened?

Are you readily distracted or disengaged during work or activities you undertake?

Do these scenarios result in you experiencing difficult thought processes and emotions?

How would it be if things weren’t like that??


Mindfulness meditation for stress reduction and improved health and well-being

This beginners-level, practical mindfulness course was developed by the highly acclaimed Mindfulness Association (CIC) and is taught by accredited teachers across the world. This inspiring course is endorsed by BAMBA (British Association of Mindfulness Based Approaches).

During the MBLC course our intention is to help you to relate skilfully to the experiences that make up your lives, such that you don’t keep getting caught up by the ‘internal’ chatter that results from modern-day, busy minds – which often causes emotional stress! As one of my clients has beautifully stated “mindfulness (and the MBLC) is helping us to give our minds a break, from the constant thinking. It helps me be more present with what I am actually doing!”. Uniquely, the MBLC course has a strong focus on self-care through the inclusion of kindness and self-compassion training. Importantly, there is an emphasis on the application and extension of the techniques and attitudes of mindfulness to the routine, daily activities of our lives.

During the course, you will develop a range of skills, qualities and attitudes, such as mind awareness, kindness and self-compassion through formal mindfulness practice, to help you to RESPOND more skilfully to day-to-day stress, worries and challenges. In doing so, you can naturally create more mental and emotional space to savour and appreciate more moments of happiness, connections with others, contentment and joy.

This is an experiential course in which participants are encouraged to practice at home to gain the most from the sessions offered. Current research shows that after 8 weeks of mindfulness training, accompanied by regular practice, can offer a sense of calm and well-being, evidenced by reports of participants changing the way they relate to stress.

This well-structured course consists of 8 weekly sessions, includes ongoing support and follow up sessions. So, there is plenty of time and space to help you feel comfortable, confident and content with the practices and to feel personally supported.

Weekly session themes are:

Week 1 – Starting Where We Are

Week 2 – The Body as a Place to Stay Present

Week 3 – Introducing Mindfulness Support

Week 4 – Working with Distraction

Week 5 – Exploring the Undercurrent

Week 6 – The Attitude of the Observer

Week 7 – Self-acceptance

Week 8 – A Mindfulness-Based Life

Follow Up – The Rest of Your Life

A day of practice is also included as part of your course

Mindfulness has been proven to offer positive effects for health and wellbeing and participants who have undertaken the MBLC (worldwide and with us), have reported:

  • Feeling less reactive and stressed

  • Being more able to break the cycle of distraction & rumination, thus feeling more relaxed

  • Developing higher levels of focus and concentration

  • Developing greater resilience and responding more skilfully to challenging feelings & emotions

  • Feeling more connected to and engaged with life

  • Possessing increased levels of self-awareness and confidence

  • Being aware of an enhanced sense of well-being

  • Being able to be kinder to themselves

  • Really enjoying the course!


Personal investment (cost): £225. Early bird discounts available

This course is taught at several different venues in and around Lincoln. For courses taught at The Mind Garden, Skellingthorpe, or our Doddington Road venue, these can be booked directly through us - a deposit (£80.00, non-refundable) taken upon booking and balance paid 1 week before the course starts.


What the course includes:

  • 8 x 2 hour teaching and experiential learning mindfulness sessions;

  • Beautifully illustrated training manuals that accompany each weekly session;

  • Daily home practice schedule and notebook for journalling;

  • Downloadable audio material of all mindfulness practices and supplementary material such as session talks;

  • support throughout the course, as required

  • Mindful day retreat, day of practice

  • Group follow up session (~ 1 month after the course is completed)

  • ** offer of a FREE 1-1 session (up to 60 minutes, worth £60.00)**


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