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How mindfulness helps your brain


"Neurones that fire together, wire together”

Donald Hebb, Neuroscientist, 1949

As a scientist and mindfulness practitioner, it is GREAT to see the year on year increases in publications associated with research about mindfulness-based interventions covering a broad range of applications: work places, parenting, carers of, for example, the elderly, infirm or children with additional or special needs. The more information that emerges about brain function and it’s relation to mental, psychological and emotional health, the better placed we are to really take care of ourselves and relate more skilfully to whatever life throws in our pathway.

Numbers of research publications in mindfulness have increased exponentially in recent years

It is the understanding of both modern clinical psychology and cutting edge neuroscience research that shows us just how training our mind, using mindfulness-based approaches can make such striking, positive changes to the brain leading to profound personal transformation.

This short & wonderfully illustrated clip which helps explain the brain’s amazing capability to re-structure itself, through mindfulness training, which leads to personal transformation.

Still confused by some terminology? We've put together a list of commonly used terms along with definitions or you could explore our mindfulness solutions and courses

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