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Feel rested, relaxed, renewed


Wellbeing retreats in the Borders, UK

Our day retreat is a gift to you

It is a special space and time just for you, to feel released from life’s busy-ness and ‘do, do, doing’.

It’s a place where you can simply BE, without expectation of yourself, others, without the sense of rushing or exposure to routine pressures of life.


On our mindfulness day retreats we warmly welcome:

  • Beginners – who’d like to explore the benefits of mindfulness practice in a peaceful setting

  • 8-week course attendees – to supplement & enhance your personal learning and practice development

  • Ongoing practitioners – to nurture and inspire their personal practice


How we will spend our day

Travel light and ‘BE’ uplifted


Your day of self-compassion, mindfulness meditation and well being, whilst on retreat in the Scottish Borders

The beauty of our (and many other) mindfulness retreats is that you don’t really need to bring anything other than yourself along. How good is that? There’s no over-planning or over-packing to be done in the lead up to joining with your course colleagues and new practitioners for a day of being mindful.

In our experience, the most relevant thing is physical 'comfyness'. So, we’d recommend that you wear your snuggliest, most comfy clothes, thick, cozy socks (as we’ll spend most of the day with no shoes on).

If we are physically comfy and relaxed then there’s plenty of space for the mind and body to learn to be comfy in their own right too. If you have your own meditation bench or cushion, then feel free to bring that along. Also, some clients enjoy bringing a notebook or journal to write down a few notes or reflections after the practices and some comfy shoes as we will likely do a bit of walking outside.



Personal investment (cost):

For non-Mindfulness Skills4Life course attendees: £50

Attendees of one of our 8 week courses - first day retreat: £15

Attendees of one of our 8 week courses - subsequent day retreats: £40


What the course includes:

A retreat day will look something like this:

  • Arrival, welcome and introductions – sitting with the breath practice

  • Explore different types of sitting practices

  • Silent tea break

  • Explore gratitude, joy and kindness in a mindfulness practice

  • Lunch and mindful walking and some free time

  • Guided practices around specific themes (sitting and movement)

  • A question and answer session around mindfulness practice (specific to the day or in general)

  • Tea break (not silent)

  • Closing the shared session (short written exercise, practices and sharing)



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