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Drop in sessions

The intention around these sessions is to offer a warm welcome to beginners or those who’d like support with their on-going practice.

Drop in to benefit from mindfulness Group meditation classes for beginners to help embed mindfulness practice

Typically, each month we explore a theme. This could be exploring "the beginners mind", trying to notice where anxiety presents itself in the body, creating pauses in the midst of a busy working day for enhanced productivity and ease of mind.

We explore these themes using a combination of theory and different mindfulness practices (sitting, moving and even eating!). Over a warm drink we can chat, informally, about how the practice and session was experienced.

Although it is fine to just turn up on the night, it is helpful for us to know numbers in advance, hence you might like to book for one of the drop in sessions using the links below - plus, you keep a few more pennies in your pocket:

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