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Mindfulness practice sessions: time for you

The intention around these sessions is to offer a shared space to support your mindfulness practice.

Drop in to benefit from mindfulness Group meditation classes for beginners to help embed mindfulness practice

Our drop-in sessions, which have typically been held at Central Wellness, are now going to be held online using the easy-to-user ZOOM platform (two clicks only!) and will run fortnightly, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. Sessions will last for around 1 hour 15 minutes.

The over-arching intention of the drop-in sessions is about giving time. Time for us to be exactly how and who we are; time to connect with ourselves; time to explore, with gentleness and kindness, the landscape of the mind and body and time to give our minds the opportunity to settle and rest a little more fully in the stillness of the body. We wish to offer time and support for your mindfulness practice to grow on the practice mat and hence, in daily life.

We will explore and experience practices from the Mindfulness Associations core teaching programs of mindfulness and compassion, and include practices from teachers we find inspiring, teachers such as Dr. Rick Hanson, Prof Paul Gilbert (The Compassionate Mind Foundation) and Mark Coleman as examples.

The session will start with a warm, kindly welcome and outline the session by way of a short talk, before we engage in our practice. We will explore many different mindfulness practices: some sitting, lying down, moving, meditating with sound and at times incorporate sensory & creative elements too. Over a cool or warm drink, we can chat, very informally or reflect quietly, about how the practice and session was experienced, sharing what we noticed. There is time for reflecting on how we can bring our learning into our daily lives and for questions.

The sessions are for those with some mindfulness or meditation experience, though those new to mindfulness are always welcome. We LOVE these sessions and really look forward to you joining us!

Our mindfulness practice sessions are scheduled for the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month and are bookable exclusively below.

In the new year, our sessions will return to a cost of £7. However, we are well aware that these continue to be lean times and people are hurting in many ways, including that of financial pain. We never wish finance to be a barrier to connection, calm and support for your practice and self-care. We would much rather you were with us and taking part. As such, we are continue to offer voucher codes for you to use to enable to you contribute what feels manageable for you at this time.

  • For 20% off and to pay £5.60, use the code CV20

  • For 40% off and to pay £4.20 use the code CV40

The codes above can be entered as you make your booking and 'checkout'. If you feel you are unable to contribute, we understand....please get in touch by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I would rather you were with us, feeling connected and supported as oppose to not practising your self-care support and alone at this time.


Practice session - June 22 2021

22-06-2021 7:30 pm -8:45 pm

£7.00 18

Practice session - July 06 2021

06-07-2021 7:30 pm -8:45 pm

£7.00 20

Practice session - July 20 2021

20-07-2021 7:30 pm -8:45 pm

£7.00 20

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